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6.990 Ft (5.504 Ft + ÁFA)


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Szállítási díj: 1.490 Ft
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Vitamina CL is a sealant additive, made to mix with Caffélatex sealant. Added directly inside the tyre to Caffélatex, V-CL increases the maximum repairable puncture size, while reducing repairing time and pressure loss.

- Vitamina CL helps Caffélatex fix bigger punctures, faster, with lower pressure loss
- Race-day performance on demand
- The mixing happens directly inside the tubeless tyre
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200 ml
6.990 Ft (5.504 Ft + ÁFA)
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Why we created it Caffélatex is a reliable, well-functioning sealant. Cyclists of all levels and ambitions, worldwide, use it and love it: it can be injected through the valve, it doesn’t contain ammonia and it foams up when agitated (ensuring an optimal covering of the internal tyre surface). For those who would like an even higher protection for race day or an important event - instead of adding a more concentrated (and less durable) sealant to our offering - we opted to develop a specific stand alone product, to boost the puncture repairing ability of Caffélatex, “on demand”. Vitamina CL (or V-CL) is a polymeric powder with a very precise particle size and density, to easily mix with Caffélatex directly inside the tubeless tyre. How it works Added directly inside the tubeless tyre to Caffélatex, 10% of V-CL (for example 5 ml of V-CL for 50 ml of Caffélatex) increases the maximum repairable puncture size from 4 – 5 mm to 8 mm (and more), with shorter repairing time and lower pressure loss. Extensive field testing with professional teams has proven V-CL is easy to work with and very effective. We recommend V-CL for racing applications. A more frequent tubeless valve maintenance should be taken into account when using Caffélatex in conjunction with V-CL. How to use it The bigger particles of Vitamina CL won’t pass through the tubeless Presta valve easily, so the best practice is as follows: - with the tubeless tyre mounted on the rim, open it on one side on a 10 cm length and add Caffélatex (for a precise recommended quantity – given the tyre type and size – click here); - add 10% of V-CL directly inside the tyre. EXAMPLE: if the recommended quantity of sealant for the specific tyre is 100 ml, then 2 spoons (10 ml) of V-CL should be added. V-CL comes with a 5 ml measuring spoon inside its jar NOTE: it’s important to pour V-CL on the sealant, to ‘wet’ the powder and help it spread evenly; - remount, inflate, ride Sizes Vitamina CL comes in re-selable jars of 200 ml, with a 5 ml spoon. One jar of V-CL is enough additive for 2000 ml of Caffélatex. Made in Italy.


Évjárat 2022
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