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36.990 Ft
31.442 Ft (24.757 Ft + ÁFA)
Kedvezmény: 5.548 Ft

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CUBE ACID CITY 8-PLUS-7 RILINK csomagtartó táska

Cikkszám: 93164
Szállítási díj: Ingyenes
Gyártó: CUBE
Elérhetőség: 5 db raktáron
Roll-out side pockets and a resizeable main compartment mean there's bags of room for your luggage but no excess volume when you don't need it. The ACID Trunk Bag CITY 8+7 RILink are compatible with all ACID and CUBE luggage racks and come with an adjustable shoulder strap, reflective details and a mesh pocket. We even added a practical rain cover to keep the contents dry and your pedals moving when the weather turns. It's how we roll.
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36.990 Ft
31.442 Ft (24.757 Ft + ÁFA)
Kedvezmény: 5.548 Ft
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compatible with all RILink carriers from ACID and CUBE ACID RILink fold-out sidepockets resizable main compartment adjustable shoulder strap reflective elements mesh-pocket raincover


Évjárat 2023
Típus Csomagtartó táska
Táska Típus Csomagtartó táska
Űrtartalom 8+7 liter


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31.190 Ft 28.071 Ft
The Basil Sport Design Commuter Bag is a practical choice of bag for busy cyclists. In classic black, it attaches with ease to the rear of a bike. Thanks to the shoulder strap, it also doubles up as a bag you can carry on your person once the cycling is done, allowing you to take your essentials anywhere. Do you cycle everyday? Need to ensure your items are with you from home, to the train station, into the office and back again? The Basil Sport Design Commuter Bag is definitely for you. This stylish bag is made from water resistant polyester, ensuring your valuables are kept dry and in tiptop condition whatever the weather. This bike has a main compartment for larger items, with a connecting cord and a few additional compartments for smaller necessities, ensuring everything has its place. With a total capacity of 18 litres, you’ll never be short on somewhere to stow your items, with handy extras like quilted linings ensuring things like laptops and precious tech are particularly well handled in transit. In addition to a shoulder strap, this bag comes with a convenient top handle, allowing you total control over how you carry it. Easy attachment to your luggage carrier makes this a must.

BASIL MILES TRUNKBAG csomagtartó táska

31.190 Ft 28.071 Ft
2 db raktáron
The Basil Miles Trunkbag is a black luggage bag designed with true sports enthusiasts in mind. With this bag you can always count on coming first in the style stakes, without compromising on functionality and performance. In addition, this bag is incredibly convenient to use and highly functional. Made from sturdy polyester, it boasts a superior construction and is also waterproof. In addition to being able to mount this to your bike, this bag also features a sturdy handle so you can pick it up and take it with you after you’ve locked your bicycle up. It also has a removable shoulder strap if you’re looking for a more comfortable way to cart your belongings about with you on foot. The Miles Trunkbag has a total capacity of 7 litres, with several smaller compartments providing the perfect place to store smaller valuables. Thanks to the solid inner lining, you can count on optimal protection of your items, with secure zipper fastening for even more peace of mind. A special recess for LED lighting provides you with the opportunity to enhance this bag further, giving you complete visibility when out on the road. Looking for a stylish choice of bike bag that won’t let you down? The Basil Miles Trunkbag is for you.


31.900 Ft 28.710 Ft
3 db raktáron
A legkisebb űrtartalmú, MTX QuickTrack csomagtartókkal kompatibilis csomagtartó táska, kulacstartó zsebbel a hátsó oldalán. Anyaga vízlepergető. Praktikus Topeak kerékpárkiegészítők a Bringalandnál.

CUBE ACID CITY 20 SMLink Grey csomagtartó táska

31.990 Ft 27.191 Ft
2 db raktáron
The abrasion-resistant ACID Pannier Bag CITY 20 SMLink comes with the ACID clip system for quick and secure attachment. We even included a practical rain cover to keep the contents dry and your motivation high when the weather turns. A convenient shoulder strap takes it from rack to shoulder with ease. Reflectors add visibility in all conditions.


29.900 Ft 26.910 Ft
2 db raktáron
A legkisebb kapacitású Trunkbag táska, tépőzáras rögzítéssel. Anyag vízlepergető, kulacstartó zsebbel a hátsó felén. Praktikus Topeak kerékpárkiegészítők a Bringalandnál.

BASIL SPORT DESIGN csomagtartó táska

33.390 Ft 30.051 Ft
2 db raktáron
The Basil Sport Design Trunkbag is a versatile luggage rack bag suitable for regular bicycles and e-bikes alike. This grey or black luggage bag is designed for use with a luggage carrier and is an ideal option for those who like to make long distance bicycle rides and always keep their essentials close to hand. Keep your water bottle close, along with essential tech items like tablets and smartphones. Whatever you intend to carry with you, you can count on your items staying well protected. With an expanding volume of 7 to 15 litres, there’s enough space for all your necessities. The exterior of this bag is constructed of water-resistant polyester while the interior is protected by a resilient inner lining. The bag has several compartments and expandable side pockets with zipper closure, allowing you easy access to your items when you need them. This bag also features a handle and detachable shoulder strap, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. The reflective trims also enhance visibility at night or in limited light, making it a safe choice.


33.090 Ft 29.781 Ft
The Basil Urban Fold is a practical and stylish bike bag that easily attaches to the rear of any adult bike. What makes this bicycle bag particularly appealing is that it doubles up as a shoulder bag once you’ve finished your journey and locked up your bike. Ideal if you’re in need of an accessory to cart your essentials about with on foot, not to mention the fact it removes the risk of it being stolen when you’re away from your bike. The stripped-back finish of this bag make s it suitable for both men and women, while the user-friendly features ensure it’ll become a firm favourite with everyone. The Urban Fold is made of water-repellent recycled canvas that keeps precious essentials protected from rain, with inner linings and secure seams for added protection. Inside, there’s a main compartment to house the largest of your items, with additional small sections for securing those little essentials. The innovative design of this bag makes it easy to wear throughout the day, with a detachable shoulder strap ensuring nothing gets in the way as you cycle, and convenient attachments allowing to reconnect the bag to your bike in moments thanks to the secure hook-on system. Looking for a stylish storage upgrade for your bike? The Urban Fold is the ideal choice.
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