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Cane Creek


CANE CREEK THUDBUSTER G4 LT 30,9 rugós nyeregszár

79.900 Ft 69.990 Ft
9.910 Ft
The 4th generation Thudbuster LT is superior to its predecessor in every way. Building on Thudbuster’s proven parallel linkage technology we have completely re-designed the seatpost for increased durability, additional suspension travel, as well as ease of use through tool-free elastomer change and a single-bolt seat clamp design. By improving on this already legendary design, we’re confident to say that the newest generation Thudbuster is the most advanced suspension seatpost ever made. The Thudbuster Parallel Linkage technology stays in the direct path of the natural travel of the rear wheel. As a bump lifts the back of a bicycle, the rear wheel pushes up and forward into the rider. The Thudbuster works by compressing along the exact opposite path — down and rearward — absorbing force at the same rate. This results in a natural suspension feel without being overly active, and allows for more travel without compromising pedaling position. CANE CREEK THUDBUSTER G4 LT 30,9 rugós nyeregszár a Bringaland kínálatában.
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