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13.390 Ft
12.051 Ft (9.489 Ft + ÁFA)
Kedvezmény: 1.339 Ft

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Cikkszám: TBA 10218
Szállítási díj: 1.490 Ft
Gyártó: BASIL
Elérhetőség: RENDELHETŐ
This handy bike basket is adjustable in height and can be easily mounted on the handlebars of your frame. A convenient choice for carrying extra loads on your bike, both men and women will love this basket thanks to its eye-catching and versatile design. If you’re regularly in need of a load-bearing basket that won’t you down, the Bremen is the perfect choice. The fine-grained steel construction makes it ideal for handling larger loads. Great for trips to the grocery store or market, this basket is also a go-to for carting daily essentials from A to B and back again. The dimensions of this basket are 34 x 25 x 27 cm, providing you with ample space for all those essentials. Designed for fitting to your bike with a TÜV-certified Basil fixed mounted stemholder (70183), this basket is suitable for handlebar stems with a diameter of 22 to 25.4 mm. All the essential attachments are included, meaning you’re good to go as soon this basket is out of the box.
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13.390 Ft
12.051 Ft (9.489 Ft + ÁFA)
Kedvezmény: 1.339 Ft
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Basil Bremen első kosár, fix rögzítésű, kormányfejre szerelhető tartóval (22mm-26mm), fekete színben.


Anyag Acél
Egyéb tulajdonságok Fix
Évjárat 2020
Típus Első


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Hasonló termékek

BASIL CENTO fekete hátsó kosár

12.490 Ft 11.241 Ft
The Basil Cento basket makes a fine addition to school age cyclists looking for somewhere to stow their books, bags and other study essentials. This stylish and practical bag also features a handy slip that can house a satchel or backpack. The ergonomic shape of this basket also make it a much more comfortable choice for cyclists. Those gruelling morning rides into school with your back saddled with packs and bags will be a thing of the past with the Basil Cento. But this basket can be enjoyed by just about anyone, with a generous interior providing plenty of space for shopping and other items, making it a suitable choice for cyclists of all ages. This basket needs to be attached to your luggage rack, which requires additional mounting hardware. Don’t worry about shelling out for extras though as this basket comes complete with all the mounting essentials you need. You can also count on this quality basket standing the test of time, with the reinforced frame holding its shape for a long time and handling bumps and wear and tear effortlessly. This hardy design is also waterproof, making it an ideal choice for those spending longer stretches outdoors on their bike.

BASIL CARDIFF levehető hátsó kosár

11.190 Ft 10.071 Ft
2 db raktáron
The Basil Cardiff Bicycle Basket is a practical choice of storage designed for easy attachment to the carrier of your bike frame. In classic black, this unisex basket is perfect for when you’re out shopping and need a little somewhere to place groceries, or if you’re desperate to ease the load on your back and shoulders when cycling into the office. This basket is particularly useful for shopping trips, with a removable design that allows you to take it with you as a shopper, saving you the hassle of having to load separate items into your basket and cutting the cost of forking out for carriers. What’s more, the plastic-coated handles mean there’s no chance of injury.

Looking for quality bicycle basket storage at affordable prices? You’ve come to the right place. This quality model is one of many on offer from Basil. Browse other eye-catching designs with a host of user-friendly features today. The perfect pick is just a few clicks away.

CUBE ACID 16 FILink kosár

12.990 Ft 10.392 Ft
19 db raktáron
More than just useful: Attaching the ACID PANNIER 16 to the handlebars is a cinch thanks to the clever ACID FILink mounting system, while the ergonomic Natural Fit grip is both comfortable and convenient for carrying.

BASIL COMO levehető hátsó kosár

13.390 Ft 12.051 Ft
Suitable for both men and women’s bicycles, this practical basket comes in classic black for easy coordinating with any style of frame and fits almost any bike. The Como is made of fine-grained steel for hardiness and durability, with a rectangular shape providing extra stability and a generous internal capacity for storing large format items and accessories. The perfect place to store groceries en route home from the store, or tucking away your backpack or satchel if you’re heading back from the office or study room. Heading to the gym? The Como is a great place to stow your workout essentials without having to worry about wearing an extra bag on your back. This basket can be fitted against the width of your luggage carrier using a BASCO clamp system, with the system suitable for carrier tubes with a diameter of up to 1.6 cm. This basket features sloped sides for an easier fit and to ensure less contact when cycling, making it ideal for those who regularly cycle and need to consider performance and comfort..

BASIL BASE levehető hátsó kosár

10.290 Ft 9.261 Ft
The Basil Base M combines practical design with slick design accents. Designed to fit at the rear of your bicycle, this basket allows you to take your essentials just about anywhere. Whether you’re headed to the market to stock up on fresh veg, or heading into the office with your everyday essentials, the Basil Base provides you with ample space for those must-have necessities. Special recesses allow for easier attachment via a spring clamp to your luggage carrier, while the removable design means you can take this basket with you once you’ve locked your bike up, cancelling out the chance of theft. The hooks of this basket also make it suitable for use with all manner of luggage carriers, making it an incredibly versatile choice you can use between frames. The feet of the Basil Base M come with protective finishes, ensuring that the base is kept protected and avoids wear and tear over time. If you’d rather leave your basket attached to your bike while you’re off doing your thing, you’ve the option of adding a lock. Another quality design from Basil, this basket is made from a superior steel mesh that will ensure it holds its shape and performs well for longer. This medium version of the Basil Base basket offers a spacious interior with 14 litres of storage. Looking for something bigger? The Basil Base is also available in L and XL sizes.

BASIL BOTTLE levehető hátsó kosár

14.290 Ft 12.861 Ft
The Basil Memories Bottle Basket is made from a hard-wearing steel mesh that maintains its shape and integrity for longer. This basket is also detachable, meaning you can take it with you into a store or when visiting friends, before reloading it onto your bike when you’re ready to head home. A handy choice when you’re out shopping, visiting friends and family, or venturing into the office. Thanks to this convenient basket, you won’t need to stuff your main storage bag with drinks and other bottles, providing you with a secondary store to house those space-consuming essentials. You’ll love the slick finish of this basket, with a unique colour and quirky bottle motif. What’s more, the durable steel construction means it’s build to last. Easily fixed to your bike with handy hooks, this basket is also removable from its main frame thanks to a plastic handle. With this, you’ll never have to cart about extra bags again. An essential if you cycle to the store for your weekly grocery shop, this basket transforms your bike and upgrades your cargo capabilities in style.

BASIL BREMEN Baseasy System Holder levehető kosár

15.590 Ft 14.031 Ft
The Basil Bremen FM is a black bicycle basket designed for permanent attachment to the handlebars of your bicycle. This handy basket is suitable for both ladies’ and men`s bikes.


15.990 Ft
7 db raktáron
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