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3.590 Ft (2.827 Ft + ÁFA)

EFFETTO MARIPOSA ESPRESSO 75 ml defektjavító folyadék

Cikkszám: EMCHESP75
Szállítási díj: 1.490 Ft
Elérhetőség: 43 db raktáron
Espresso is an inflate and repair cartridge: it allows cyclists to repair punctures quickly, injecting a foam of Caffélatex through Presta valves. Ideal for road, triathlon and off-road cycling (tyre size up to 29x2.20).

- Quick repair in case of puncture, no need to remove the wheel
- Easy to use thanks to the silicone tube that fits directly on the valve (only for Presta valves)
- Ideal for road, triathlon and off-road cycling (tyre size up to 29x2.20)
- It doesn’t contain ammonia or other corrosive substances
- Permanent repair
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75 ml
3.590 Ft (2.827 Ft + ÁFA)
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Quick repair Espresso allows cyclists to repair punctures quickly, by injecting a foam of Caffélatex (synthetic latex-based sealant) through the Presta valve. This avoids the need of removing the wheel, saving precious time: less than a minute is enough to inflate and repair road or off-road tyres (up to 29 × 2.20), returning immediately to pedaling. Easy to use In case of puncture the stress level is high, and Espresso is designed to work simply and effectively, eliminating possible problems. For example, we have eliminated the common threaded adapter (in plastic or brass) between the tube of the canister and the valve - a potential point of leakage of foam, if not threaded in correctly - by switching to a flexible silicone tube. This tube is unique in its kind and fits directly onto the Presta valve, so that the special repairing foam (based on Caffélatex) penetrates directly into the tyre, without leaks. In the case of wheels with spokes close to the valve, or in the presence of lenticular wheels, the silicone tube allows the use of Espresso despite the limited space available (in these cases cartridges with direct connection or with adapters to be threaded on are unusable). IMPORTANT: Espresso only works with Presta valve. Polyvalent Espresso is ideal for road, triathlon and off-road cycling (tyre size up to 29x2.20) and repairs punctures in tubeless tyres, tubulars and inner tubes. For tyres larger than 29x2.20 we recommend Espresso Doppio, with a greater volume of gas and repairing foam (125 ml instead of 75 ml). Ammonia-free Espresso contains Caffélatex liquid and propane gas: the first performs the puncture repairing action, the second inflates the tyre. Caffélatex is an ammonia-free sealant, harmless for tyres and rims. For this reason Espresso does not damage the inner tubes, not even the latex ones used for high-end tubulars. IMPORTANT: if the Caffélatex sealant is already present inside the tyre, Espresso can still be used to facilitate the repair of the puncture and increase the inflation pressure. Final repair If the puncture is indeed repairable (Espresso does not repair large cuts or holes greater than 4 mm) the synthetic latex contained in the canister closes the hole in a stable manner. After using Espresso to repair a puncture, it is best to observe the tyre in the following days to evaluate abnormal pressure losses. The propane contained in Espresso is not retained for a long time by a tyre or inner tube, so a pressure loss is normal within 24 hours after using Espresso ... easily remedied by inflating with a normal pump. If after this the pressure becomes stable, the repair is final and there’s no need to do anything else, just pedal! Maximum repairable damage in inner tubes Inner tubes expand when inflated - limited in their volume increase by the tyre alone - and a hole in an inner tube tends to change geometry and size at different pressures. Since a hole in an inner tube expands with inflation, the maximum damage that can be repaired in a tubeless tyre (where the shape and size of a puncture changes little with pressure) is greater than with a tyre with tube. Espresso generally repairs holes up to 1 mm in inner tubes, up to 4 times larger in a tubeless. Dosage Espresso is single-dose (one cartridge for one tyre) and only works with Presta valves. Delivery can be interrupted and resumed at will by pressing the nozzle button. Pressure Espresso can inflate a tyre 700x23c (23-622) to approximately 5 bar, a tyre 29x2.20 (56-622) to approximately 2 bar. It is possible to inflate the tyre further after using Espresso. Made in Italy.


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